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Lech Lcha

Lech Lcha is a discipleship ministry in Israel for Messianic Jews.

Some facts on halaal certification

Here are some facts on halaal certification and halaal trade as a whole market system.

Muslim refugees open their hearts to Jesus like never before

Since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis, many Christians have reported on how open the hearts of some Muslim refugees are to the Gospel. Some have even said that Syrian refugee camps are becoming God’s paradise as many Muslim refugees began to seek Jesus and positively respond to theRead More

What is wrong with halaal?

In a country like South Africa, where majority of the population is Christian, a nationwide halaal food regulation constitutes some major problems: (1) It robs people their free access to non-halaal food, thus it is illegal as it denies people freedom of choice, (2) it forces Christians to buy andRead More

Excellent new course on Islam by SATS

An excellent new course on Islam by the distinguished Christian Seminary SATS It is of paramount importance that Christians should study Islam for themselves, and figure out if the Islamic claims such as being a religion Abrahamic origion, peacefulness and worshipping the God of the Bible are really true. AsRead More

Exodus From Islam

Many Muslim leaders and many non-Muslims have been claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world. Is it really true? Is Islam indeed growing?

The Need for Disciple Makers

Today, it is a commonly known fact that all over the world, many Muslims leave Islam on a daily basis and embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Their numbers are so high and every day so many more of them come to Jesus that nobody really knows howRead More

From Muslim Immigrants To Christian Preachers

During the recent years more and more Muslims, mainly men, have been legally or illegally immigrating to non-Muslim countries. South Africa has been the favourite destination of immigration especially for the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims.

Let Them Know The Truth

One of the key characteristics of Islam is that it is a religion of lies and deception. So much so that, Allah, the god of Islam, introduces himself as the “best of deceivers” in the Quran (3:54; 7:99 and 8:30).

Let Them Be Courageous

Islam is a religion of fear. It rules by fear. Most Muslim never decided to be a Muslim. Since the day they were born Islam has been forced upon them. They were told again and again that if they ever question or oppose Islam, they would be severely punished.

The Need for Modern-day Ananias’

The Need for Modern-day Ananias’ Saul would have never become the Saint Paul without the courageous obedience and initiatives of Ananias. Saul was confronted and converted by Jesus on the way to Damascus (Act 9:1-9). However, it was Ananias who baptised and possibly sheltered and discipled Saul (Act 9:10-25).