The King is Coming!

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The King of the universe Jesus Christ is coming back soon. As the the King of kings He has demanded from us a total devotion, sincere love and unwavering alliance for Him and His Kingdom. When He is back here He will be looking exactly for that.

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Say “No” to halaal

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Unless you as a customer, complain and make a big noise, the businesses and supermarkets will not stop stealing your money and giving it to Muslims via the halaal trade.

Therefore, urgently, begin to complain and request non Halaal products from your retailers and supermarkets. If we pressurise the retailers and supermarkets hard and frequent enough, they will then begin to demand non-halaal products from the producers.

If however, we keep quiet, nothing will change and we will continue to fund Islam and terrorism with our hard-earned money.

Below are the links for the contact pages of some retailers.

Please also visit their facebook pages and write there publicly visible comments, complaining about halaal and requesting non-Halaal products. Even if they do not respond to your complaints, do not give up. Keep complaining and requesting non-halaal.

Share this post with your friends and ask them also to complain about halaal and request non-halaal from the retailers.

South Africa: A Nation In Crisis

Unless Yahweh builds a house, its builders labour at it in vain. Unless Yahweh guards a city, a guard watches in vain”. Psalm 127:1, LEB

Unless YAHWEH builds our nation all those nation-building efforts by anyone are in vain. Unless YAHWEH blesses us with safety, prosperity and peace in our country, we will never be a safe, prosperous and peaceful nation.

Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, with whom there is no change or shifting shadow.” James 1:16-17 BSB

The only hope for South Africa is YAHWEH. When He blesses us, we will be a truly blessed, prosperous and peaceful nation. All the good things such as peaceful national unity, safety and prosperity for all citizens, economic development and good inter-racial relations can be received only if YAHWEH gives them to us. These and many other good and beautiful things we all desire are blessings of God which only God Himself can provide.

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The Miracle of Israel

In 70 AD, after many years of Roman oppression in Israel, the city of Jerusalem was finally destroyed by Roman general Titus. 1.1 million Jews were killed and the remaining 97000 Jews were carried away into all corners of the Roman empire as slaves (Bunting 2017). It was the end of Israel. There was no more Jerusalem and no more the nation of Israel in that land. Their name was deleted from the list of nations. Their land was sacked and renamed. They were literally wiped off the map. It was expected by their enemies that Jews and Israel would now go down to history as an ancient civilization.

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Muslim refugees open their hearts to Jesus like never before

Since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis, many Christians have reported on how open the hearts of some Muslim refugees are to the Gospel.

Some have even said that Syrian refugee camps are becoming God’s paradise as many Muslim refugees began to seek Jesus and positively respond to the Gospel. Reading all these reports is encouraging and also motivates us to get involved in what God is busy doing among these people. However, this encouragement and desire to get involved becomes much more powerful once one actually goes and sees what God is doing there with one’s own eyes.

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What is wrong with halaal?

In a country like South Africa, where majority of the population is Christian, a nationwide halaal food regulation constitutes some major problems: (1) It robs people their free access to non-halaal food, thus it is illegal as it denies people freedom of choice, (2) it forces Christians to buy and consume food offered to a foreign god (an idol), which is a major sin according to the Bible, (3) it makes it almost impossible for Christian farmers and businessmen to survive in the market place unless they also join the halaal trade, even if they do not wish to do so, and (4) it robs the entire population of South Africa of their hard earned money without their consent. All these monies collected by Muslims through halaal trade are used exclusively to enrich Muslims and spread Islam. 

Spreading Islam includes the funding of terrorism in the Middle East and around the world, like the car ramming in Europe, Israel, and the United States, war against Israel, and the education of people into the extremist forms of Islam with violence and fear like the Chibok girls abduction in Nigeria.

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Excellent new course on Islam by SATS

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An excellent new course on Islam by the distinguished Christian Seminary SATS

It is of paramount importance that Christians should study Islam for themselves, and figure out if the Islamic claims such as being a religion Abrahamic origion, peacefulness and worshipping the God of the Bible are really true.

As theologian Mark Durie says “non-Muslim cannot rely on Muslim spokespeople as their only source of information on Islam”.

The salvation of Muslim nations (nearly 1.6 billion people), and the destiny of Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims (who are targeted by aggressive Islamisation) depends on the Christian thrust to study, understand and respond to Islam.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Contact SATS registrar for more information.