08 May 2016


Brother Marko


The previous weekend 29 April – 1 May, I was at the Mighty Men Conference in the Karoo. However, about two days before we left for the MMC Karoo, The Lord laid unto my heart that I should fast and pray over the weekend. So I began fasting on Friday morning as we started driving to Karoo, for MMC.

The Holy Spirit started talking to me and giving me words, on Friday evening.

Early on Saturday morning, I left my tent and the camping area and went behind the hills to be alone with the Lord. I spend about three hours praying and listening to the Holy Spirit, as I was all alone behind the hills, far from the camping ground. Holy Spirit gave me some life changing personal prophecies. I was overwhelmed by what He told me.

On the afternoon of the same day, as we were listening to the speaker, the Holy Spirit came upon me again and started giving me the following prophecy for South Africa.

He started by saying, Prophesy to South Africa”.

Immediately, I picked up my notebook and pen and started writing as the Holy Spirit spoke.

Here is the message the Holy Spirit gave to South Africa.


“Prophesy to South Africa!

JHWH is the King of this land and Islam will not be able to conquer this land. God will continue to love, protect and use this nation for His glory and purposes.

Muslims that come to this land will meet Jesus here. Some Muslims come to this country with animosity against Christ. But, here, in this country, they will fall in love with Christ, just like Saul/Paul (Act 9).

Islam is trying to push from north down to south, into this country. But Jesus will turn their plans up side down. Instead, the love, glory and gospel of Jesus will go from South Africa, up to north. No one can stop this, neither Islam, nor corrupt liberal theologians, not corrupt politicians. God said it, God will do it. The whole world will see this amazing move of Jesus.

South Africa is an Eagle. She will not give into fear and run. No, she will fly into the eye of the storm, use the momentum of the storm and eventually, soar above the storm. God made South Africa and eagle. Therefore, she will turn crisis into an amazing victory.

Come what may, Satan can do nothing. God is with South Africa. If God is with us, we are more than conquerors.”


Join us in praying and proclaiming these words of the Holy Spirit over our country and our people. 

Please share this prophesy widely in your churches and home groups and encourage your people to pray accordingly.

Blessing to all

Brother Marko


Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:4-7, ESV2011).


It comes easy to rejoice when things go well. But it is not so easy to rejoice when our people suffer unemployment, our national resources are plundered by corrupt politicians and millions of illegal immigrants, quality of education at our schools drop down to alarming levels, our churches are infiltrated by unbiblical doctrines and practices and our youth is hopeless, helpless and confused.


Therefore, in times such as this Paul's letter to Philippians becomes our secret weapon.

Our God is still in control and He is still almighty. We shall bring our people, our country and all our concerns to God with a sincere prayer and know that He hears us and will respond according to His plans. Then, we shall receive peace and joy of God that transcends all understanding.


Come, let us present our case to God. Bring our country, nation and problems to God. He is still in control. In your prayers this week, do not concentrate on your personal issues so much, but intercede for our country and nation and God's church in our country.


Once again, Easter is here. That special time of the year when we commemorate the death of Christ on the cross and celebrate his victorious resurrection. It was the day God offered His own beloved Son as a sin sacrifice for the whole of mankind (Joh 18-20). It was the day, the perfect, sinless and holy King of the universe humbled Himself even to the point of death on the cross for our sins (Phil 2:5-8). It was the day when the greatest ever love letter was written with the blood of Jesus Christ (Joh 15:13). It was also the day when we sinners became saints, found life and healing in Christ’s death.


In recent years, we have been hearing reports and rumours of church buildings being sold and converted to Muslim mosques.

Therefore, we have conducted research to find out why churches are sold, what happens afterwards and what can be done to prevent other churches from closing down and becoming Muslim mosques.

Jihad is not something you would have heard or seen 10 to 15 years ago in the news, but in recent years it has become a regular subject in the news.

Jihad “striving” has a number of meanings in Islam. Waging war against non-Muslims is the most common understanding and application of Jihad.