Jesus: Always Reliable

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 06/02/2014 - 09:48

We live in an extremely unreliable world. It is the expected norm that no person or no institution is actually reliable. Friends and family fail us, companies we work for desert us, governments we elected betray us, churches we supported hurt us. We, ourselves betray, abandon and fail others around us. As the time goes by people, governments, demographies and even the climates change. All these changes make our world even more unreliable.

But there is one, who has always been reliable, who has kept all His promises and never deserted those who put their trust in him. Jesus: the only truly righteous and reliable person who ever lived in our unreliable world.

13 years ago, on December 6, I decided to leave Islam and follow Jesus. Since then, I have gone through a lot of rejection, persecution and trials. As I was following Jesus, I have experienced the favour and the wrath of people. At times I was an obedient follower of Jesus, at other times I disobeyed Him. But He never abandoned me, never turned His back on me. He kept all His promises, even when I did not keep mine. He became my best and most reliable friend. In the same way, Jesus kept all His promises and never abandoned anyone of His people throughout the history.

Taste and see that Jesus is good, His love and faithfulness endure forever (Ps 34:8; 100:5). He is always the reliable refuge and stronghold for His people (Nah 1:7; Joe 3:16).