Married to a Muslim

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 04/04/2016 - 20:00

Married to a Muslim

During the second half of the 20th century and in the 21st century, increasing numbers of Western Christian women converted to Islam after marrying Muslim men. This is partly due to the fact that many Muslim men intentionally target vulnerable Christian ladies to lure them into Islam via marriage. This has been one of the most effective strategies in the Islamisation of Judeo-Christian Western nations. This problem first emerged in Europe after World War 2 when thousands of Muslim men that came in as workforce married to European Christian ladies and converted them to Islam. During the recent decades, this practice spread to all over the world. It is not any more limited to Western nations, but it is a problem in all Christian communities. More and more Christian ladies get married to Muslim men, convert to Islam and raise their children as Muslims. In most cases, these Christian ladies step into these marriages and convert to Islam without really knowing what they are getting into. Some of these ladies, later on, realise what a big mistake they made and with great difficulty try to get out of the marriage and Islam. There are also others like Samantha Lewthwaite from Britain, who became a Muslim terrorist after marrying a Muslim man.

The sad reality is that, many of these women end up in the bondage of Islam because of one poor decision they made. Together with these ladies, their children also suffer as they are raised as Muslims, without knowing Jesus or hearing the Gospel.

Nevertheless, all hope is not lost, Jesus can still turn the tide around and save these ladies and their children.

Prayer points:
  • Pray for these ladies who are lured into Islam via marriage. Pray that they will turn back to Jesus, and Jesus will become their first love.

  • Pray also for the salvation of their children and Muslim husbands. Pray that they shall hear the Gospel, learn about Jesus and be ministered to by the Holy Spirit.