The Need for Modern-day Ananias'

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 05/30/2016 - 20:07

The Need for Modern-day Ananias'

Saul would have never become the Saint Paul without the courageous obedience and initiatives of Ananias. Saul was confronted and converted by Jesus on the way to Damascus (Act 9:1-9). However, it was Ananias who baptised and possibly sheltered and discipled Saul (Act 9:10-25). At about the same time Jesus confronted Saul, He also visited Ananias in a vision and instructed him to go and pray for Saul. If Ananias did not meet Saul and pray for him, Saul might have never became the Paul we know. His obedience in meeting and praying for this dangerous person resulted in Saul becoming the most effective servant of Jesus throughout whole Christian history. Most probably, Ananias did not only pray for and baptise Saul, but also helped discipling and sheltering him after his conversion.

Similarly, there is no doubt that, today Jesus is visiting and even converting many Muslims as he did with Saul. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. At the same time He is looking for modern-day Ananias' to go to those Muslims, pray for them, baptise, disciple and even shelter them after their conversion.

Could it be possible that you might be an Ananias to go to a specific Muslim who have already been visited by Jesus?

Lets pray that we will be attentive to the guidance and directives of the Holy Spirit when He calls us to go and pray for others, even a Muslim terrorist.

Let us pray that, we will not stop by only praying for them but also baptise, disciple and even shelter them if need be.