Let Them Be Courageous

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 04/03/2017 - 20:29
Islam is a religion of fear. It rules by fear. Most Muslim never decided to be a Muslim. Since the day they were born Islam has been forced upon them. They were told again and again that if they ever question or oppose Islam, they would be severely punished. Islamic doctrine and practice all over the world dictates that those that question, discredit and oppose Allah and his religion shall be severely punished and even killed. That is the reason why it is both the law and practice of Muslim countries to arrest, persecute and even execute people who question, criticise and abandon Allah and his religion. The religion of Islam does not allow Muslims to think for themselves and to choose for themselves freely. Furthermore, according to Islamic law, those that leave Islam and embrace Jesus Christ and His Gospel shall be punished by death. Accordingly, in most cases, when a Muslim becomes a follower of Jesus, he gets rejected by family and friends, looses his job and even properties and possessions. Furthermore, he might even have to run for his life. All of these Islamic regulations and practices ensure that Muslims live by fear and never find the strength to question or abandon Islam. Only if they had the courage to face it all, they could step out of this fear based religion. Unlike the evil Islamic spirit which intimidates people all the time, The Spirit of our God, the Holy Spirit gives love, power and self discipline (2 Tim 1:7).
Prayer Points
  1. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will today, even now, visit and minister to millions of Muslims, giving them love, power and self-discipline so that they may have the strength walk away from Islam.
  2. Please pray for yourself and other Christians you know so that the Holy Spirit may empower you to disciple and evangelise Muslim with love, power and self-discipline.