From Muslim Immigrants To Christian Preachers

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 04/17/2017 - 20:34
During the recent years more and more Muslims, mainly men, have been legally or illegally immigrating to non-Muslim countries. South Africa has been the favourite destination of immigration especially for the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. They have been swarming into this country in great numbers during the recent years. They have been opening up cell-phone repair shops, spaza-shops and small scale grocery shops almost in each and every town, township, neighbourhood and sopping mall across the country. They have been charming and marrying to Christian South African women and converting them to Islam as well as islamising poor and needy people in the communities in exchange of groceries and other goods. It seems that nobody really knows how many of them are really legal and how many are illegal immigrants and parasites in the economy of this country. In general they have been very resilient in rejecting friendly approaches of Christians and Christian attempts to share the Gospel with them. So far they have been silent but stubborn agents of Islamisation in this country as well as exploiting the unsuspecting people, the economy and the infrastructure of this nation.
Prayer Points
  1. Please pray that each and every one of these Muslim immigrants in South Africa will meet Jesus Christ, the King of South Africa and will give their hearts, lives and even their treasures to Jesus Christ.
  2. Please pray that God will raise countless new believers, prophets, preachers and missionaries from among these Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other Muslim immigrants in our country.
  3. Please pray that all the women that they have married and converted into Islam, all the needy people that they have tricked into Islam will be visited by the Holy Spirit and will be saved out of Islam.
  4. Please pray that these agents of Islam will become the anointed preachers of Jesus Christ.