The Need for Disciple Makers

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 20:37
Today, it is a commonly known fact that all over the world, many Muslims leave Islam on a daily basis and embrace Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Their numbers are so high and every day so many more of them come to Jesus that nobody really knows how many Muslim background Christians are around us. This is purely the amazing work of the Holy Spirit. In the light of this great move of God, the challenge for the Church of Jesus Christ is to welcome and disciple these countless new believers. Throughout Africa, America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, more and more Muslims come to Jesus every day. Some of them publicly denounce Islam and accept Jesus as his God, risking his life, some others keep his faith a secret for a while. However, all of these new Christians are in desperate need for a loving fellowship and discipleship from the Body of Jesus Christ. They are in need of your love, prayers and discipleship. They need you to welcome them into your churches, pray for them, teach them the Bible, encourage, instruct and correct them in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer Points

  1. Please pray that God will prepare and use you as a disciple maker among these Muslim background believers. They desperately need Christians who will love and guide them in their new life and new faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Please pray that God prepare the hearts of the leaders of your church and use your church as home and family for the Muslim background believers.
  3. Pray that your church will welcome, love and gracefully disciple Muslim background believers.
  4. Please pray that God will put a new passion and vision into the hearts of the Christian leaders in your town/city concerning these Muslim background believers. So that the Churches in your town/city will reach out to every Muslim and Muslim background believer with the intention to disciple them.