Exodus From Islam

Submitted by Brother Marko on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 20:39

Many Muslim leaders and many non-Muslims have been claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world. Is it really true? Is Islam indeed growing? It is a fact that birth rate among Muslim people is higher than other people groups such as Western Christians. Due to this higher birth rate, and islamic immigration into non-Muslim countries, Islam seems to be growing in some parts of the world. However, in spite of these factors, Islam is not at all the fastest growing world religion. In fact Islam is a religion in very serious crisis and danger of collapse. It has been consistently declining since 1500 AD, gradually loosing its military, political, geographical and economical prominence. Furthermore, during the recent years, the decline of Islam has gained an unprecedented speed in an unexpected way: Muslim people began to leave Islam in great numbers. In our age of internet and information, millions of Muslims easily read and learn about the evil nature of Islam, they see what Islamic groups such as ISIS do in obedience to Allah’s instructions. They read the Quran, Sira and the hadith for the first time and see how evil this religion is. As a result millions of Muslims leave Islam all over the world. Thus the result of all these is a great exodus from Islam. Islam is busy declining very fast and it is facing a very serious danger of slow but sure death. Some of the Muslims that leave Islam turn to Christianity and accept Jesus as their Lord. However many others, embrace atheism and other life philosophies.

Prayer Points
  1. Pray that Christians shall not any more believe in nor proclaim the lie that Islam is the fastest growing religion. It is an evil religion based on lies and it is busy slowly dying as people are set free by truth.
  2. Pray that Christians reach out to Muslims that are leaving Islam and lead them to Jesus. Only Jesus can give them complete freedom, restoration and eternal life.