From Terrorist to Saint

From Terrorist to Saint

Perhaps, the most fascinating conversion story in the New Testament is the story of Saul. As a staunch religious leader, he persecuted the followers of Jesus Christ. He was instrumental in starting the “great persecution” against Christians in Jerusalem as he supervised the stoning to death of Stephen (Act 8:1). His desire to persecute Christians was so strong that he even obtained special letters from the high priest, authorizing him to arrest and persecute followers of Jesus in Damascus (Act 9:1-2). He was feared by many Christians as a terrible persecutor. No doubt that if he lived today, we would call him an enemy of Christ, persecutor of Christians. However, in his own eyes he was only a faithful servant of God.

On his journey to Damascus – authorised to arrest and persecute Christians – something unprecedented happens to Saul. Jesus Himself confronts him, blinds his eyes and sends him to Ananias – a Christian in Damascus – to be prayed over and to be discipled as a new believer (Act 9:1-19). Consequently, Saul, the enemy of Christians becomes Saint Paul, the great servant of Jesus and loving brother of Christians.

Today, many Muslim terrorists think and act almost exactly in the same way as Saul did. They roam around the world with the intention of persecuting and killing Christians just as Saul did.

Lets pray that Jesus will do to Muslim terrorists as He did to Saul. As the persecutor Saul got transformed by Jesus into a saint, so shall the Muslim terrorists be transformed by Jesus into saints and servants of Him.

After, his radical conversion, Paul became the most influential and fruitful servant of Jesus. There is no other man known to be as effective, as influential and fruitful as Paul in the service of Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, let us pray that, today’s Muslim terrorists shall become tomorrow’s most effective servants for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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