The King is Coming!

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The King of the universe Jesus Christ is coming back soon. As the the King of kings He has demanded from us a total devotion, sincere love and unwavering alliance for Him and His Kingdom. When He is back here He will be looking exactly for that.

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Say “No” to halaal

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.

Unless you as a customer, complain and make a big noise, the businesses and supermarkets will not stop stealing your money and giving it to Muslims via the halaal trade.

Therefore, urgently, begin to complain and request non Halaal products from your retailers and supermarkets. If we pressurise the retailers and supermarkets hard and frequent enough, they will then begin to demand non-halaal products from the producers.

If however, we keep quiet, nothing will change and we will continue to fund Islam and terrorism with our hard-earned money.

Below are the links for the contact pages of some retailers.

Please also visit their facebook pages and write there publicly visible comments, complaining about halaal and requesting non-Halaal products. Even if they do not respond to your complaints, do not give up. Keep complaining and requesting non-halaal.

Share this post with your friends and ask them also to complain about halaal and request non-halaal from the retailers.